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Helicopter Dogsledding with Extra Landing

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This popular Juneau shore excursion combines an incredible helicopter flight up to Herbert Glacier with a uniquely Alaskan dogsled ride with husky dog teams - but then takes it one step further. Since you've already made it this far, this particular tour maximizes your helicopter flightseeing opportunity by flying to a remote icefield on Herbert Glacier, giving guests the chance to get out and experience the rugged glaciated terrain up close. The Helicopter Dogsledding with Extra Landing is really the ultimate combination tour, and if you only have one chance to go flightseeing while in Alaska, then this tour is going to be the one you want. For a bit more cost, it takes all of the elements from various flightseeing options and bundles them into one comprehensive outing.

In many ways, this half-day Juneau shore excursion combines the elements of the shorter Helicopter & Dogsled Glacier Excursion with the popular Icefield Excursion to give you the best of both worlds. This allows you to experience all of the elements of glacier dogsledding, but the extra landing provides ground-level insight into the intricacies and characteristics of glacier movement that you would miss from the air.

Why incorporate the second landing? The pictures may do it more justice than our description, but this area is marked by the iconic blue glacier ice, deep crevasses and ice falls on a massive scale. It allows you the opportunity to explore this rugged landscape, adding some remarkable photos to your collection. Many shorter helicopter options revolve specifically around this type of terrain, and this particular tour ensures that you don't miss it while joining the dogsledding tour.

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Dock-to-dock transportation is included. You will be outfitted with a glacier over-boots prior to embarking on your trip. There is no food or lunch served on this tour so please plan accordingly.

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