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About Juneau, Alaska

Welcome to Juneau, Alaska's capital city! This port town has a fascinating history and is a hub for visitors seeking bucket-list adventures. Cruise ship passengers and independent travelers will find endless options for exciting things to do. Surrounded by water and snow-capped mountains, this city is the central point for travelers exploring Southeast Alaska.

Popular activities include helicopter tours over the jaw-dropping Juneau Icefield, bucket-list glacier walks and thrilling dog sledding. Don't miss the world-class whale watching excursions, where you are almost certain to see several humpback whales that call this area home during the summer. Experience the wild and scenic landscape with a zipline, kayak, or other fun adventure tour! Keep in mind the famous Mendenhall Glacier is home to several excursions, but there are lots of glacier tours in Juneau to explore, including the incredible Taku Glacier!

Whatever your age, abilities, and interests are, there's an exciting adventure waiting for you in Juneau!