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Icefield Helicopter Excursion

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2 ½ Hour Duration
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:30 flight time, :30 on the glacier
Helicopter Flight
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Over the stunning Juneau Icefield
Land on Remote Glacier
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With time for guided exploration
Limited Seats Available
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Book early for this high-demand tour


Undoubtedly the most sought after Juneau flightseeing option, the Icefield Excursion is our recommendation for those looking to see Alaska from a bird's eye view but not necessarily interested in dogsledding options. Of Skagway, Juneau, and Ketchikan, Juneau is arguably the best destination for flightseeing as it has the largest concentration of glaciers in the immediate area. From take-off at the base, you'll quickly gain elevation on your way up to Herbert Glacier. Your skilled pilot-guide narrates the journey, and as you approach your destination, you realize that you're actually going to land on this remote icefield! Hang on as the pilot sets down right on the ice and powers the helicopter down to give you the opportunity to explore this rugged, glaciated terrain. Literally miles away from any crowds, take a deep breath because this is why many come to Alaska in the first place.

With dock-to-dock transportation included, a short ride from your cruise ship takes you over to the helicopter base where you meet with your pilot-guide and go over brief safety instructions. This is the first helicopter flight for many guests, so nerves at this point are completely normal! It doesn't take long for the nerves to dissipate after take-off though, because the endless horizon of ice-capped mountain ranges and flowing rivers of ice below are beyond captivating. But this trip is more than just a journey in the skies, because you're actually on your way up to the destination on a remote glacier.

The pilot-guide will choose the ultimate destination to maximize the experience and actually lands the helicopter on a remote icefield miles from the heli-base. If you were looking to get away from the crowds, well, you've succeeded! Your knowledgeable pilot-guide continues to narrate and describe this geologically inspiring area which is characterized by frozen ice flows, deep crevasses and iconic deep blue glacial ice. If you're looking for a flightseeing option during your Alaskan cruise, definitely choose Juneau and we highly recommend this Icefield Excursion.

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What's Included

Round Trip Transportation
Experienced pilots and friendly staff
Glacier overboots for walking on the ice
Secure storage for personal belongings at the helicopter base
Guide Gratuities
Food & Drink

Frequently Asked Questions

Will our group all be in the same helicopter?
The helicopters hold up to 6 people. While we strive to keep all groups under 6 together, in order to balance the weight distribution in the helicopter & ensure a safe flight, groups may be split up into separate helicopters upon reaching the helicopter base. If this is the case, you will still land with the rest of your party on the glacier, and will be able to spend this time with them.
What if I need extra help on the tour?
Your pilot will be with you the entire tour, so they’ll be happy to lend a helping hand whenever necessary. This tour does require a moderate level of fitness in order to load/unload the helicopter and navigate on icy/uneven terrain. If you require extra assistance, don’t hesitate to contact us ahead of your tour and discuss your particular needs.
Can children come on the tour?
Absolutely! We are more than happy to accommodate children of all ages.
What if our cruise ship's schedule is canceled or delayed?
We will try our best to work with you to reschedule the tour to a later time. If that is not a possibility or your ship doesn't make it into port, then you will receive a refund, less any non-refundable fees.
What happens if the weather is too bad to fly?
If the weather is just not cooperating and the pilots determine that it’s too bad to fly, we’ll do our best to reschedule you to a later time of day that works for you. If you choose not to reschedule or we can’t find a time that works for you, we will refund you.
How many passengers per helicopter?
Each helicopter can seat up to 6 passengers, provided the weight and balance calculations work out in each aircraft.
What if my tour group is larger than 6 people?
There are several helicopters available at the base and can make accommodations for larger groups with advance notice. If your group exceeds 6 passengers and requires the use of multiple aircraft, we instruct the pilots to coordinate landing locations on the glacier so that you can have your landing time together.
Will the pilot get out with us?
Definitely. Your pilot will act as your guide for your entire helicopter tour, including the time you’ll spend on the glacier. This allows for a truly focused tour experience.
Why do you land on the Herbert Glacier?
We find the Herbert Glacier to be of particular charm and seclusion. Most passengers on our helicopter tours feel like they’re the only people in the world while on their glacier landing, and we like to keep it that unique and exclusive for everyone.

Know Before You Book

Minimum Age: There is no minimum age to join this tour
Standard seats are required for guests weighing 1-259 lbs
Standard Plus seats are required for guests weighing 260-300 lbs
Premium seats are required for guests weighing 300 lbs or more
All passengers will be discreetly weighed on-site, fully clothed and geared, and no flights or refunds are guaranteed for misreported passenger weights.
No lap children are allowed. All passengers will be required to pay for a seat on the aircraft, regardless of age.
There is a strict no-bag policy in the aircraft, if you have medical needs that require a carry on, please contact us. All bags brought to base will be stored in the tour office until you return from your flight.
This tour can accommodate guests with limited mobility. Please contact us or include a note in your reservation if you require assistance.
Cancel up to 14-days before the tour for a refund. No refund is available if canceled within 14-days of the tour. If for any reason your tour is canceled, or if your cruise ship's schedule changes, you will receive a refund. Refunds do not include any non-refundable fees. Contact us by phone or email to request a cancellation.

Quick Facts


2h 30min

Standard Rate

Standard Plus Rate

Premium Rate

Itinerary • 2h 30min • 5 activities

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Guides will meet you at the base of the Mount Roberts Tramway for transport to the airport.

20 minutes
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Get geared up with glacier boots (provided for you) and meet your pilot/guide for a brief safety orientation. You can leave behind unneeded items for pickup later.

30 minutes
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Depart Juneau, climb, and crest the ridge of the Juneau Icefield, revealing a whole new world of ice.

20 minutes
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After landing on the glacier itself, explore this frozen world. Grab a drink of glacier water and snap some unforgettable photos.

25 minutes
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Return flight to the basecamp to grab any belongings before boarding the van back to the cruise docks and downtown Juneau.

55 minutes

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