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Yukoner: Half-Day Tour to Yukon

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Journey up and over White Pass summit and drop into the wilderness of Canada on this half-day tour that culminates at the Yukon border. Following the Klondike Highway and paralleling the same route taken by the Gold Rush stampeders a century ago, this sightseeing tour includes all the scenic features of the White Pass Summit tour but ventures a little further. Crossing the border into Canada, you'll see the expansiveness of British Columbia and a part of the massive lake system that connects the Chilkoot Trail to the Yukon River. With 2 timing options daily, you'll still have plenty of time for exploring things to do in Skagway before or after this tour.

Along the Alaskan cruise route, Skagway provides one of the only opportunities to get on a bus and head inland and the chance to explore the interior scenery. The Klondike Highway winds its way north into Canada, splitting peaks and expansive lakes on both sides. If you want to spend a little more time getting to see the area but don't want to dedicate a full day to sightseeing, the Yukoner tour is a great option, providing a good balance between wildlife opportunities (bear, sheep, eagles), rugged Alaskan scenery and local history by guide/driver on the journey. You'll even stop at the famous Yukon Suspension Bridge! This tour leaves Alaska, enters British Columbia and culminates at the Yukon border before a return trip to Skagway - all in only 4 hours!

For a little more information about this tour you can visit the White Pass Summit & City description as that particular highway journey is contained within this slightly longer version. If you're looking to spend just a little more time, explore more and get further off the beaten path, then you might want to consider the Yukon Discovery tour which is the full-day version of the Yukoner. But if you're looking for a tour that is somewhere in the middle, reasonably priced, doesn't take up your entire day, and still provides a thorough Skagway tour experience, then the Yukoner is for you.

What's Included

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This trip includes a narrated ride by mini-bus up and over White Pass Summit into Canada and culminates at the Yukon Territory border. Your professional guide will provide a historic and ecological narrative while stopping along the way for breaks and photo opportunities. There are limited outhouse facilities along the way, though there is a brief stop at the Yukon Suspension Bridge which has modern facilities. There is no lunch provided with this tour so please plan accordingly.

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