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An adventurous combo excursion that has a little bit of everything: a catamaran cruise, rainforest hike and a scenic paddling journey that culminates with a ...

Activity Level: Medium
Categories: Active, Glacier Interaction, Paddle Adventure
Price: $219/person Photos

Hop aboard the Chilkoot Canoe Wildlife Safari for a pristine paddle and wildlife viewing experience. With your knowledgeable guide, travel from Skagway to Haines for ...

Activity Level: Easy
Categories: Paddle Adventure, Wildlife Viewing
Price: $184/person Photos

Hop in a tandem kayak and paddle through the beauty of wild Alaska, on the exclusive Inside Passage Kayak, the best shore tour Skagway offers ...

Activity Level: Moderate
Categories: Active, Paddle Adventure
Price: $209/person Photos
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5% of our profits will go to support Alaskan sustainable tourism efforts. That's our pledge at Skagway Shore Tours