Chilkat River Adventure

  • Chilkat River Adventure
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    During parts of the summer, the Chilkat Eagle Preserve has the very highest concentrations of bald eagles in all of Alaska!
  • Chilkat River Adventure
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    You’ll travel on a sleek, stealthy jetboat perfect for getting up close with Alaskan wildlife.
  • Chilkat River Adventure
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    With your expert driver, you’ll be able to explore far off the beaten path in incredibly scenic territory!
  • Chilkat River Adventure
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    Too cute. If you’re lucky, you may just get to see one of the younglings that was born in late spring!
  • Chilkat River Adventure
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    Don’t forget your camera! Between wildlife and the lovely Chilkat Mountains, there will be plenty to document!
  • Chilkat River Adventure
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    The Chilkat Eagle Preserve is home to all sorts of stunning wildlife: moose, eagles, and bears: oh my!
  • Chilkat River Adventure
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    Looking for a lovely adventure in tranquil Alaskan wilderness? With the Chilkat River Adventure, you’re in luck!
  • Chilkat River Adventure
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    Weave among the channels of a gorgeous braided river system in search of scenic wonder!
  • Chilkat River Adventure
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    The Chilkat River Adventure is a blast for folks of all ages!
  • Chilkat River Adventure
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    The Chilkat River Adventure is notorious as having a high probability for moose sightings.
A gorgeous and peaceful adventure in an area known for its unusually high concentrations of Alaskan wildlife, the Chilkat River Adventure is one of the top Alaska excursions for folks who love nature and escaping off the beaten path. The one-of-a-kind jetboat tour, just recently added to our excursion family, is infamous for moose, eagle, and sometimes even bear sightings! Keep those eyes peeled and your camera at your side as you glide over the gorgeous, crystalline waters of a braided river system sourced from the toe of a glacier. After all, there’s no knowing exactly what wildlife you may find on this exceptional example among scenic Skagway day tours!

What to expect and what not to expect with this Skagway shore excursion

Your big day kicks off with pick-up from the Skagway cruise docks and a lovely ferry ride toward the Adventure Capital of Alaska, a charming frontier town called Haines. Here, you’ll get to know your expert local guide and enjoy a brief guided tour of the outpost before striking out along the scenic Haines Highway toward your tranquil journey by jetboat! You’ll hop on a sneaky flat-bottomed boat, the perfect vehicle for stealthily approaching Alaskan wildlife, before heading out into the Chilkat Bald Eagle Preserve, where during certain months there is a higher concentration of the birds than anywhere else in the world! It’s not uncommon to see moose on this lovely standout among Skagway day tours.

  • Advanced reservations recommended - limited spots
  • Brand-new tour!
  • Dock-to-dock transportation
  • 6.25 hours duration
  • Fully guided by local experts
  • Wildlife sightings possible
  • Smaller groups & intimate experience

Your knowledgeable guide will narrate your excursion among scenic wonders, pausing the boat beneath hulking eagles’ nests and the emerald-green Chilkat Mountains to answer your questions. Later, to celebrate a successful day on the water, you’ll enjoy a steaming meal back at base camp (grilled hot dogs, vegetarian chili, cookies, hot and cold drinks) before catching the lovely ferry ride back to Skagway. One of the favorite Alaska excursions among folks searching for unforgettable wildlife photos, this brand-new gem among Skagway day tours is sure to leave you with lasting memories!!

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Minimum Ages, Cancellations, Accessibility, Etc.


  • Minimum Age: There is no minimum age for this tour.
  • Accessibility: This tour has no minimum fitness requirements, though it is not recommended to guests in wheelchairs, as boarding the ferry ramps may be prohibitive.
  • Cancellation Policy: In the event your cruise ship is late, delayed, or doesn't make it into port we always issue a full refund for the tour. Changes or cancellations are allowed up to 14 days prior to the tour departure with absolutely no penalty. Including 'Flex Cancel' allows cancellations and refunds up to 24-hours before the tour. Any cancellations made within 14 days of the tour departure (or within 24-hours with Flex Cancel) are nonrefundable.
  • What to Bring: Photo ID (passport or US driver's license is acceptable).
For availability and timing, complete the information on the sidebar
  • Adult Rate: $199.00
  • Child Rate: $159.00
  • Infants: lap children 2 and under are free
  • + 5% sales tax
You've got questions, we've got answers
Q:Is transportation included? Where is the meeting location?
Round-trip transportation is included with this trip right from your cruise ship. The guides will meet you right at the end of your specific cruise ship and you will be returned to the cruise ship at the end of the tour. If booking online, you will receive a confirmation email and voucher with complete instructions immediately upon booking.
Q:What time is this tour every day?
A morning and afternoon tour are both available most days. Because the tour schedule depends on a variable ferry schedule, however, inquiries are required to ensure availability and timing.
Q:How long is the ferry ride?
You'll be boarding a speed ferry that takes a little over a half-hour to travel between Skagway and Haines.
Q:Are we guaranteed to see wildlife?
Because the Chilkat Eagle Preserve is, indeed, the site of high concentrations of wildlife, most guests see wildlife. We cannot, however, guarantee sightings with certainty.
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