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Sean Ashinhurst
Zippin with BK and Tyler

Your course is amazing! Your staff is awesome and hilarious! Mad props to BK and Tyler. They made this excursion that much better. I absolutely recommend this place to anyone visiting Skagway. I want an application!

Sean Ash

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Orlando, fl and Austin, Tx
Great Excusion

Been on several zip lining adventures and yours was equally fun and exciting. Being able to see the Alaskan wildness from above was wonderful. Thanks for the opportunity for such an adventure.

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It was awesome!!!

Guy H
Uniontown, OH

This was the best zip-lining we've ever done. Felt extremely safe, even though our guides encouraged us to do flips and tricks. This is a double line, so it's very safe. The experience was plenty long...I was ready to be done when it was over!

You just gotta do this!

Beautiful Place

A great bunch of ladies and gentlemen, our guides were Taylor and Tyler and we had so much fun with them, we couldn't have asked for better guides. The weather was a little warmer than we expected but the scenery was beautiful.

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Arlington, TX
Experience of a lifetime

This excursion was phenomenal. The staff was exceptional and safety was always a top priority. The enthusiasm and encouragement was genuine and urged everyone to push themselves to new limits. Would recommend this for any and all ages...!!!

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Conneaut Lake PA
Grizzly Falls Zip Lining

The staff was friendly and helpful! We have zipped many times before, but this was the first time we were assigned 2 staff members who were with us the whole course. This was a very nice way to handle it. The drive on the 4 wheeled drive mountain vehicle was very fun too!

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Great experience!

My husband and I loved this excursion! We were a little nervous about booking an excursion that wasn't through the cruise ship but it was pretty scotch free. After we booked the excursion we received an email that told us what to bring and to look for someone with a sign saying “Grizzly Falls Ziplining Expedition”. We got off the ship and at the end of the dock we easily found our guide standing with the sign. The guide drove us the 25-30 minute ride to the location in the Tongass National Forest for the expedition. He was really nice and informative. He told us everything to expect and we learned a lot about Skagway because he shared a lot of fun and interesting facts which made the ride nice and not to mention beautiful once you get out of the little town. The ziplining expedition itself was also amazing and fun! We had 2 guides for the ziplining and they were really fun and made it a great experience! They had fun games to play that made the ziplines more fun and they also taught us to do tricks on the ziplines. It was really cool and it was amazing to be surrounded by such beauty. I would definitely recommend this excursion.

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New Jersey
Awesome Zipline Staff and Experience!

We had Zach and Scout (Charlie) as our guides. These two were great at taking care of our group and showing us how to do tricks and just have fun while zip lining. There are many different lines, some allows you to go very fast and some are very long. I highly recommend this zip line experience!

Gerald and Deborah P
Ellwood City, PA
Ziplining Alaska

We loved our very first time Ziplining.
Eric and Spoongirl were Great!
They made us feel safe and pushed us to have even more fun!
Loved it and will definately put out the word, how great this experience was.

Thanks so Much, The Puffs

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Great experience

Guides were awesome, taught us well, and let us have fun. Ziplines and platforms were great. Felt safe and secure. Loved the harness, which let you go pretty fast. Would definitely do again!

Gina and family
Texas and Colorado
What a Great day!!

What an amazing group or professionals! We has so much fun. Wish we could have stayed longer. Taylor and Cassie were the best, very sweet and fun!

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Santa Barbara, CA
Great fun.

Excellent staff,especially Will and Zach. My first zipline experience, but I felt safe and secure immediately. Beautiful scenery at site and on the drive up. Highly recommended.

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Santa Barbara, CA
Great fun.

Excellent staff,especially Will and Zach. My first zipline experience, but I felt safe and secure immediately. Beautiful scenery at site and on the drive up. Highly recommended.

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A little more than just ziplining

I have issues with vertigo, height and motion sickness so I took meclizine (aka Dramamine Less Drowsy) before going. The bus ride over to the site was fairly short and the driver told us a little history of the town and cracked a few jokes. Upon arriving, we switched to the Unimog, a converted military truck to take us to the top of the hill. This ride was actually a bit terrifying. You'll know when the terrifying part is coming up as the driver will shift to second gear.

I was prepared to zipline and even let go of the cable. I did not expect that by the end I would be willing to try a flip off the platform! (They will not make you do anything you don't want to do but seeing a 60 year-old grandma flip might make you think.)

I ziplined once before, in Costa Rica and while I felt that was safe, this felt far safer. The platforms are very large. You are ALWAYS connected to something. Except in the Unimog. unless you have a debilitating fear of heights, I highly recommend this.

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Miami, Florida

We had such an amazing time with Lucy and Aaron. We had been ziplining in the past, but these two guides made this experience completely different and so much fun! Each line had a "trick" - a flip, trust falls, upside down (all totally safe). My kids talked about it for days after. In fact, the whole crew was fabulous, from the moment we arrived at the ziplining base while they were suiting us up, to the moment we left, even down to the drivers. I commend the operation for its super enthusiastic crew. We were the last tour of what I am sure was a long day toward the end of the busy tourist season and they all made us feel like they were excited to be there and join us. The lines were safe and the location was GORGEOUS. As a last comment, we left our binoculars on the bus and I called to see if they had been found. They had not as of that moment, but a few days after arriving home, we received a box with the binoculars in them. Seriously, I have nothing but wonderful things to say about this. Thank you!

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Athens, GA

Cassidy and Shawn made it a great experience all around even though I didn't do a flip! The Unimog going up and down the mountain was also an experience. I would recommend anyone coming to Skagway to do Grizzly Falls zip lining. Thanks for a great time. Pamela and Gary

Alaskan Cruise (Radiance of the Seas)

Wow. We had a blast! The whole experience was surreal. Matthew and Lucia were OUTSTANDING! I was extremely surprised with the superb safety standards in place. This was our first time doing zip lining and we felt extremely safe! We did backflips and other crazy stunts. Highly recommended! Huge thanks for a job well done! We will do it again and again and again.

Tammy, Ken, Karlie and Caleb
Ruskin, FL

We all loved this excursion. None of us had ever done a zipline before and they were great with helping us all out. Our guides were Griz and Cori and they were really fun. We would definately recommend this to anyone!

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Reno, Nevada
Excellent Ziplining

My wife and I have been Zip-lining many times and this was by far the most exhilarating of all of them. The fact you can spin and flip on the Zip Line adds a whole new element to the excursion.

I'd put this as the #1 excursion to do in Skagway!

Jennifer Anderson
Albuquerque, NM
Exceptional Experience

This was a really exceptional adventure for our group of 10. We range in age from 49 to 8, and every one of us had so much fun. Guides Shawn and Dillon and drivers Randy and Nate were all terrific and knowledgeable. I would recommend this time and time again!

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Very fun! A bit expensive, but would recommend despite price. We had amazing guides. The salmon viewing and scenery was incredible. All in all, it was a nice experience!

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Savannah, Ga
We had a great time

Loved every minute. Grizzly was great.

Richard and Pam White
Charlotte, North Carolina
Best Guides EVER!!

This was our first Zip line adventure and I was a little anxious, yet excited about it. We are not Spring Chickens anymore. Our guides put us at ease and with each line, we became more confident and felt very safe. By the last few lines, we were turning flips and turning upside down and ready to do it again. Taylor and Dylan were very safe, enthusiastic and SO MUCH FUN!! Best Experience EVER! We HIGHLY recommend this Adventure.

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San Diego
A GREAT zipline experience!

Kevin and Shawn were fantastic guides. Everyone in our group had a great time. We were a group of people ages 17-68 with a range from brave to timid.

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Ziplining Fun!

We had a fantastic time at Grizzly Falls Ziplining. It was safe and we were made to feel at ease by the guides. There were 11 zips among some beautiful scenery. Lots of fun was had!

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Great time. Highly recommend!

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Dallas, TX

The operation was excellent and very professional! My family and I really enjoyed meeting Matt and Ross. They had lots of energy and spirit and really made the extra effort to make us all feel comfortable and safe! I will recommend your ZipLining tour without hesitation. I also thought the cheering when we arrived at Base Camp was a great touch. Thank you. Darcie drove us back and forth from the ship and she was also very pleasant and a made a great first expression to the company. Well Done!

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Jacksonville, FL
Amazing Adventure

We had a family of 7 (ranging in age from 11-65,) none of whom had ever zip-lined before. It was an unforgettable and amazing experience! Taylor and Kurt went out of their way to make sure each of us had an outstanding time. From our most adventurous to our most conservative traveler, we all walked away with a sense of accomplishment and fun! Location is beautiful, staff is above and beyond, and experience is beyond compare! Would HIGHLY recommend this trip to anyone!

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Zip lining Scagway

The trip was fantastic. Our entire family (wife and two kids ages 9 and 10) had great time. The tour was very professional, friendly, and personal. The guides are safe, fun, and very concerned about your best interest, safety, and making sure you have fun. The drive from our cruise ship was short (30-40 minutes). Good explanation of what to expect, and they make sure you feel safe and comfortable. The guides follow along with you, and allow for your comfort to guide how you want to move forward. The zipping is awesome. My kids loved it, as well as myself and my wife. It was the first for all of us, and we definitely will be back. Highly recommended. Drew was great with our online process, and is someone you can trust. I would highly recommend this tour as one of your choices either on a cruise in Skagway or just visiting for the day.

Cindy Swor
Austin, Texas
Awesome adventure

This was my first zip line experience and I admit I was a little anxious. I thought there would be a cable and we'd get to go a couple of times. Man did I have low expectations. Grizzly Falls is a complete course with 9 different "zips" and a cable bridge. It exceeded every expectation I had... from the beautiful scenery, to the safety measures, to the great guides that helped up all along the way, to the absolute fun we all had.

PS - you can't do a flip unless you let go of your "chicken rope"

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Dallas, Texas

We had a group of ten off of the cruise ship. The drivers, guides and helpers were awesome. We had a great time and felt their safety was over the top. I would highly recommend this activity to people of any age.

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Tampa, FL
Grizzly Falls Zip Lines

Great time. Wonderful guides. Got to experience getting off the platform in a variety of different ways.

Ashley Afremow
Southern California
Must Do Excursion

This by far was the best excursion on my 7 day cruise.. Everyone was so welcoming and friendly. They kept everyone safe while having fun. Ive never see a work environment when everyone looked so happy to be at work. The experience was so amazing that i want to move there to work with everyone.

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Peoria, AZ
Ziplining at Grizzly Falls

We spanned the ages from six to seventy one, and everybody had an enjoyable time. The setting was beautiful, and the staff was so infectiously enthusiastic. It is great to see people who so clearly enjoy what they are doing while helping us to do it too.

Charlene Afremow
Grizzly bear zipline

My Helicoper and dogsledding excursion was canceled, so I ride along with my granddaughter Ashley Afremow and daughter-in-law Pamela afremow. I was able to payso I could ride along's. I was taken care of since I'm 80 with a new knee replacement and included. I really appreciate it

Don Lantanea
Mother of all Ziplines

My two girls have been wanting to do Ziplining in Alaska, after a few searches, we decided on the one in Skagway because it has 9 Ziplines and looked very exciting. Well, it was definitely lifted up to our high expectation. The two Zipline guards (I do not know what to call them); Couch (John) and I forgot his name (sorry), have been very creative in getting us trying different moves (fireball, upside down, trust, etc.) to add to the excitement of ziplining. In addition to that ziplining in the beautiful spruce forest and on top of the creeks made all the trips to Alaska worth it.

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Birmingham, AL
Great Zip Lining!

We had never zip lined, because our children are 8 and 9 years old and only weigh about 50 pounds. This is the only place that didn't have a weight restriction. Our whole family had a great time and Corey and Sam, our two guides, were extremely accomadating and encouraging for our children. The scenery is beautiful, the guides were great---I recommend it!

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Great Adventure

This was a first for both of us, age 12 and 64. The employees were so professional, but fun too. We had a blast. The location is gorgeous. Don't zip line anywhere else!

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Great Ziplining! Awesome Guides!!

My husband and I ended up switching last minute to the Grizzly Falls Ziplining Expedition when we had to cancel a previous one we had booked. We were SO glad we ended up ziplining here. Not only was the ziplining fun we had 2 awesome guides who were also from Wisconsin! The whole crew was wonderful. I would highly recommend this ziplining experience to anyone going to Alaska. Our guides had names for each zipline and you did something different with each one which was a blast. I got to see my husband flop around "like a salmon" going down a zipline and we learned how to flip upside down and do a front flip off the platforms! If you are going to Skagway....go ziplining here!!

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Scottsdale, Arizona

An excellent time!!

WIlly Ludwigs
Mesa, Az
WIld Time with the Grizzly Falls Zipline Crew

The Grizzly Falls Zipline was incredible. The Crew we had was awesome and although we were a bit nervous they got me zipping totally upside down. Fin, Kevin and Becca were excellent and made my wife's birthday one of her best. Thanks to everyone at Grizzly Falls for the Fantastic day!

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alaska xipping

one of the best tours youcan do in alaska. staff is excellent and really wants you to have a great time.
a must do in skagway

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Adrenaline Rush

Best ziplining experience ever! There were four of us with two never having ziplined before. Our leaders, Rook and Stash, were incredible and made the experience totally enjoyable. Since they did the braking for us and all we had to do was zip, we were free to enjoy the scenery and concentrate on the tricks they demonstrated. The scenery spanning the rainforest and crossing the river cannot be expressed in words. Everyone should try it!!!! We all wanted to go again.

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Regina, Saskatchewan
"Amazing" does not even come close to explaining this excursion!

We have been on many zipline excursions as a family. Grizzly Falls was BY FAR the most amazing experience!
The staff was friendly and so much fun! Everything was very safe and I did not have to worry about a thing!
My kids already want to go back as soon as we can!
If you are considering any zipline adventure in Alaska... pick this one... you will not regret it!

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Excellent Ziplining Adventure

My 12 year-old daughter and I had such a blast! From the informative bus ride to the welcome by everyone at the entire facility... it's obvious that everyone who works with this company loves it. We booked direct with Drew, which saved us a few bucks instead of through the cruise line and it all went super smooth. Capt'n Curt & Colin were our excellent zipline guides making us feel very secure, sharing safety tips but determined to have lots of fun. I would have never done half the crazy tricks they encouraged and taught us to try (I'm a 42 year-old mom, so I'm pretty conservative!) ... we laughed so much, enjoyed every thrilling zipline and enjoyed the beautiful views.

Susan Barton-Venner
West Linn, ORegon
Best excursion!!!!!

The 6 of us ranged from age 9 to age 67 and we all found the zip line to be the best excursion of our week in Southeast Alaska. Colin and Curt made it especially fun - offering new challenges with each new zip line. Their rapport with the kids, parents, and grandparents was exemplary. Even the unimog was made special for the kids as they rode in the cab on the way down from the zip line course. Thank-you for a GREAT experience.
Sue Barton-Venner
West Linn, Oregon

Dan and Claudia Mecham
Sugar City, Idaho
Best day EVER!!

This zip lining excursion was everything we had hoped it would be; beautiful scenery on the way to "base camp", fun drive in the sweet Unimog, our assigned guides (Chris and Capt' Curt), the lines was just a great, great experience! Thanks Grizzly Falls for making our Alaskan Cruise a forever memory!

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Boise, Idaho, USA
Grizzly Falls Zip Lining Expedition

Thirteen members of my family did this excursion while I went on the Bennett Lake trip with my husband and daughter. ALL THIRTEEN OF THEM raved about this adventure! They loved every minute of it. It wasn't just the actual zipping over the forest (which they loved a lot) but also was the interaction with your people. They said that your crew made even the shorter lines a fun experience with suggestions of what to do as they were zipping along. A big hats off and THANK YOU for giving them some special memories. Your people should get lots of praise. . . a bonus, too!

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