Excellent Ziplining Adventure
My 12 year-old daughter and I had such a blast! From the informative bus ride to the welcome by everyone at the entire facility... it's obvious that everyone who works with this company loves it. We booked direct with Drew, which saved us a few bucks instead of through the cruise line and it all went super smooth. Capt'n Curt & Colin were our excellent zipline guides making us feel very secure, sharing safety tips but determined to have lots of fun. I would have never done half the crazy tricks they encouraged and taught us to try (I'm a 42 year-old mom, so I'm pretty conservative!) ... we laughed so much, enjoyed every thrilling zipline and enjoyed the beautiful views.

5% Pledge
Sustainable Tourism

5% of our profits will go to support Alaskan sustainable tourism efforts. That's our pledge at Skagway Shore Tours