Robert Bostic

Glaicier Tour
This was a fantastic tour. The naturalist and captain of the boat were great and very proud of their area and the tour they were giving. The staff at the Glaicer could not have been better. We got very close to the Glacier, was able to touch ice that had recently calfed and was able to look into the ice cave on the base of the glacier. The lunch was great and just enough to get us back to Skagway. The only down area was that the windows on the vessel we were on leaked, both from the rain the night before and during the ride. Seat cushions had absorbed water and when my wife sat on her's, her jeans got soaked. Other than this, the crew were great and we felt very safe, even in the high waves on the sound. Would highly recommend this tour.

5% Pledge
Sustainable Tourism

5% of our profits will go to support Alaskan sustainable tourism efforts. That's our pledge at Skagway Shore Tours