Rick and Tina Rozycki

Glacier Point Wilderness Safari
We had a fantastic time. The boat ride up from Skagway was fast and scenic. We stopped a few times to see some up close seals and a few eagles along the way. The bus ride through the old growth forest was almost as cool as walking on the glacier. There is a short hike to the canoes and you have to work a little bit paddling, until they fire up the motor for the second half of the ride. The scenery is unbelievable and the guides have so much information for you. Nothing beats walking on an actual glacier! I would recommend warm socks. The rubber boots that are supplied are not that warm, the glacier water you walk through is very cold. Bring some water for the canoe trip portion, you get thirsty and warm paddling. If possible book and early expedition, We had the 1:30 start time and with the sun behind the glacier it made it hard to take good pictures. We would definitely do this again 🙂

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