Turning lemons into lemonade
This excursion was a true comprise for my husband and I. Train for me, bikes for him. The train ride was amazing and exceeded everything I had hoped for. The only possible improvement would have been if the Polar Express guys had came out with hot chocolate and sang to me. I really wasn't comfortable with riding bikes down the mountain. Don't get me wrong, I can ride a bike, but pointing it downward was not for me. I shared this with the guys from Sockeye Cycle before we started and they were very patient and made sure I was all set before we started out. I made it to the first stop but knew it was not for me. They were very supportive and didn't make me feel bad at all for knowing it wasn't for me. They called the chase van, which stopped and picked me and my bike up. Although I felt bad leaving my husband, I'm pretty sure I was holding him up. Joe, the van driver, was super! He stopped and let me get pictures at a couple of locations and pointed out things that would have been missed going down the mountain on a bike, at least by me. I don't want to discourage anyone from trying this. It was an amazing adventure and they handled everything so well that I didn't feel like I missed out on anything. Five stars!

5% Pledge
Sustainable Tourism

5% of our profits will go to support Alaskan sustainable tourism efforts. That's our pledge at Skagway Shore Tours