John and Jane Wiegand

Unbelievable beauty

Incredible, amazing view of Davidson Glacier that will remain in your memory forever. A once in a life time experience to be up close, feel so small and insignificant as you observe the glacier, and the rushing river coming from it forming the glacial lake.
The guides were knowledgeable, kind, humorous and helpful.
This experience is NOT one you should overlook if you can possible help it. If you think you can physically do this, then by all means, try it, it is spectacular.
The reason I did not give 5 stars, is that it was not obvious the actual chain of events to get to the glacier.
You will ride a boat for an hour, ride a school bus for a short time, hike in the woods, get your rain gear, then ride in a canoe, then walk over rocks for another mile to the glacier and then reverse all of those steps to get back to the dock. There is one outhouse available midpoint in the tour. If you have knee issues, or mobility challenges, this may be too much.

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