Hernando, Lillie, Alexa and Lucas

We had such an amazing time with Lucy and Aaron. We had been ziplining in the past, but these two guides made this experience completely different and so much fun! Each line had a "trick" - a flip, trust falls, upside down (all totally safe). My kids talked about it for days after. In fact, the whole crew was fabulous, from the moment we arrived at the ziplining base while they were suiting us up, to the moment we left, even down to the drivers. I commend the operation for its super enthusiastic crew. We were the last tour of what I am sure was a long day toward the end of the busy tourist season and they all made us feel like they were excited to be there and join us. The lines were safe and the location was GORGEOUS. As a last comment, we left our binoculars on the bus and I called to see if they had been found. They had not as of that moment, but a few days after arriving home, we received a box with the binoculars in them. Seriously, I have nothing but wonderful things to say about this. Thank you!

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