Skagway Sled Dog and Musher’s Camp

  • Skagway Sled Dog Alaska Shore Excursions
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    Adapted for summer training, these custom summer carts are designed to mimic snow sleds. In other words, you’ll be helping the huskies to train even as you enjoy an exhilarating ride!
  • Skagway Sled Dog Alaska Shore Excursions
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    These elite canine athletes don’t just pull large weights quickly and over long distances: They love doing it!
  • Skagway Sled Dog Alaska Shore Excursions
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    The custom Unimog vehicle you’ll ride to the upper mushing camp is a perfect way to experience the stunning rainforest surrounding Dyea!
  • Skagway Sled Dog Alaska Shore Excursions
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    Buds for life. You can bet their competitive spirit shows itself, though, when the races start!
  • Skagway Sled Dog Alaska Shore Excursions
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    Hold on tight! There may be some tight turns and corners along the way, but these pups know what they’re doing!
  • Skagway Sled Dog Alaska Shore Excursions
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    After your exciting forest dogsled ride, Iditarod experts will be happy to teach you about the art and science of endurance husky racing!
  • Skagway Sled Dog Alaska Shore Excursions
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    Don’t be too hurried: You’ll want to take time at the camp’s scenic overlooks to take in Skagway’s stunning surroundings!
  • Skagway Sled Dog Alaska Shore Excursions
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    There are no words. No matter how old you are, there’s something about a newborn puppy that will make your heart skip a beat!
  • Dog sled tours Skagway
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    And they’re off! The carts are powered by a team of 16 Alaskan huskies and steered by your local guide
  • Skagway husky puppy
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    You’ll have a chance to visit with the husky puppies. Socializing these dogs early helps in their racing career later on.
  • Unimog tour Alaska
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    The Unimog is part of the adventure also as you climb up the mountain road to meet your furry guides
  • Alaskan husky
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    An informative session after the ride explains everything about these dogs from nutrition to conditioning to winter racing
  • Alaskan husky dog rides
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    The track is well maintained but also rustic in a backcountry setting.
  • Unimog tour Skagway
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    A look at the Unimog from the side – these machines are necessary to climb up the rugged terrain
  • Husky puppies
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    With over 100 dogs around at any given time, there’s always some freshly born puppies
  • Skagway huskies
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    This is perhaps the most kid-friendly tour that we offer and is undoubtedly the children’s favorite
  • Alaskan husky ride
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    Each husky has a role or position within the larger team and are selected by the mushers based on personality
  • Husky blue eyes
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    The teenagers of the husky world – these guys have lots of energy!
  • Skagway husky excursion
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    We love the intimacy of this tour as you can ask questions and receive lots of personalized attention
  • Husky dog ride
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    These guys are highly socialized huskies and extremely friendly
  • Dyea, AK
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    The area surrounding Dyea, Alaska which serves as the backdrop of your tour
  • Alaskan husky pup
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    They come in all shapes and sizes and the best racers are bred from mixed breeds
  • Skagway husky tour
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    Guides demonstrate the physical makeup of an Alaskan husky which differ greatly from the Siberian husky
  • Husky adventures
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    Run? Is it time to run yet? These guys clearly have one thing on their mind
  • Skagway dog mushing
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    Don’t forget to thank your guides for their excellent tour!
  • Alaskan dog rides
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    These summer rides actually help them to continue training for their winter racing career
  • Alaskan husky
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    Skagway Husky Adventures
  • Alaskan husky adventure
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    The obstacle course for the older pups provides hours of entertainment – for them and us!
  • Husky training wheel
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    The puppy wheel! With so much energy to get out the wheel provides a great opportunity to put it to use
  • Child with husky puppy
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    A kid’s favorite
One of our favorite Skagway tours explores Alaska's state sport, dog mushing! Ride with Alaskan huskies on this highly acclaimed Skagway shore excursion for an authentic taste of Alaskan culture and heritage. This adventure includes a direct, firsthand husky experience by hopping in a custom, wheeled dog cart pulled by a team of 16 Alaskan huskies! Your guide, who is also a year-round musher, tells you all about the dogs, their training, their unbelievable conditioning, and what it takes to race the 1,000 mile races such as the Iditarod and Yukon Quest. After the ride, visit with the husky puppies and talk more with local mushers during a question and answer session. You'll leave with a surprising knowledge of this subculture and a rich experience from meeting some truly Alaskan characters on the Skagway Sled Dog & Musher Camp Tour.

What to expect and what not to expect with this Skagway shore excursion

Starting with a shuttle from your cruise ship to the scenic basic camp in Dyea, a pleasant 11-mile ride is marked by great scenery and a surprising amount of information. As you arrive, the tour begins with a ride in the Unimog up to the husky teams. Even this ride is worth the price of admission, as you climb up about 800 feet through temperature rainforest with rushing glacial streams on either side. Arrive as your furry, four-legged guides are ready to get going for a 1-mile ride!

  • Dock-to-dock transportation
  • 3 hours & 15 minutes duration
  • Scenic drive to historic Dyea
  • Family-friendly: All ages welcome
  • One of the best-reviewed Skagway Alaska tours
  • Lunch is not included, but a full service cafe is located at base camp

Mushers begin issuing commands and instantly you're being pulled by a team of 14 huskies. As you're seated between the musher and his team, you can feel the bond and the relationship they share which is cemented as the musher may recount stories of their training or racing efforts. It quickly sets in that this just isn't a staged tour, but a way of life for these mushers. The 'kennel talk' after the ride answers any lingering questions before you have time to visit with the husky puppies. You can hold them if you're feeling up for it!

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Minimum Ages, Cancellations, Accessibility, Etc.


  • Minimum Age: All ages are welcome on this tour!
  • Accessibility: Most special needs can be accommodated on this tour. Must have mobility to walk 100 yards either on your own or with assistance. Must be able to raise knee approximately 12 inches.
  • Cancellation Policy: In the event your cruise ship is late, delayed, or doesn't make it into port we always issue a full refund for the tour. Changes or cancellations are allowed up to 14 days prior to the tour departure with absolutely no penalty. Including 'Flex Cancel' allows cancellations and refunds up to 24-hours before the tour. Any cancellations made within 14 days of the tour departure (or within 24-hours with Flex Cancel) are nonrefundable.
  • What to Wear: Alaskan weather can be variable so it's recommended to plan accordingly. Dress in layers so that you can take off an extra layer when the sun is out or throw on a rain jacket if there is a drizzle.
For availability and timing, complete the information on the sidebar
  • Adult Rate: $135.00
  • Child Rate: $109.00
  • + 5% sales tax
You've got questions, we've got answers
Q:How long is this excursion, and is transportation to and from your camp included?
All of our Skagway excursions include transportation to and from your cruise ship dock. The entire excursion (dock to dock) is about 3.5 hours
Q:Do I get to drive the sled?
No one knows the dogs like their mushers, for this reason, passengers are not allowed to drive the sled. Driving the sled, as well as keeping the dogs in line, takes skills and knowledge that is only acquired through experience.
Q:How long is the sled ride? Is it bumpy?
The sled ride is about a mile long. Sometimes, the ride can be a little bumpy, but our guides are usually able to avoid the bumps well enough. The speed, as well as the exact timing, of the ride is dependent upon both the dogs’ performance as well as the weather on the day of your visit. So, there is truly no way for us to say exactly how fast the sled will go on any given run.
Q:How many people will fit on the sled?
Six guests, plus the musher, go together on the sled. We normally run more than one sled at a time, so we can easily accommodate larger groups.
Q:Is the sled ride on snow?
In both Skagway and Juneau, our excursion takes place on the ground in the woods, and we use a customized summertime wheeled sled. Our summertime sleds are a great way to experience mushing without the cold temperatures and heavy snow of wintertime Alaska.
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Rating of This tour has received an average of 4.94 stars on a total of 31 Ratings

Default Avatar125
Jane & Greg
Southern CA
GREAT Excursion!!!!

We HIGHLY recommend this tour! We had a blast at the Dog Sled Camp AND enjoyed the commentary from our bus driver Raoul on the way up! This was a highlight from our trip to Alaska!

Default Avatar125
Carly Saletnik
So fun!

I would highly recommend this tour. The drive to the the camp was beautiful and informative. It was so great being pulled around by the dogs and learning about the Iditarod. The best part....holding the puppies! All of the staff is friendly and knowledgeable.

Default Avatar125
Daniele Bernard
Orlando, FL

I did this excursion with my mother and 11 year old daughter. We all really enjoyed it! Our driver/tour guide Raul was really personable and presented us with a lot of interesting information on the ride up to the mushers camp. The sled dog run was fun & playing with the dogs after was a treat. I would recommend to other families with children.

Default Avatar125
San Diego
Five Stars

I would highly recommend this tour. It was a beautiful drive to the base camp and an exciting trip up the mountain. Our guides were excellent, friendly, well informed and entertaining. Meeting the dogs was a treat and riding behind them was amazing. We learned so much about the Iditarod race and met the puppies before heading back to town. I would do this again.

Default Avatar125
Tim and Suzanne G
Honolulu, Hawaii
Excellent and Informative

We were picked up dockside by Raul on a very windy Skagway morning. As we drove over to the other cruiseship dock to pick up a few more passengers, Raul introduced himself and gave us little background information. Once enroute with all aboard, Raul gave us the full tour. Not only history, but also a lot of fun info on the daily lives of the guides and those that work for the company. On arrival at the site, we boarded the unimog for our ride up to the camp. That was a fun ride. Up arrival it was exciting to see the dogs so worked up to go for a run! We are very much dog people and that was the main reason for our visit. Ross was the musher and we took off. Volt was a lot of fun to watch. Ross explained the dynamics of the team as we wheeled around. We stopped once for photos. Back at the camp we were allowed to interact with the sled dogs. My wife only got through 10 of the 16 prior to having to leave for the camp dwelling itself. She wished she had more time to Thank each dog personally. Ross gave a very informational talk about the history of the Itidarod and dog mushing in general. We were then free to pet the puppy and the other pups. Great day, Great People. Wish Ross all the best in his quest at dog mushing.

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