Tim and Suzanne G

Excellent and Informative
We were picked up dockside by Raul on a very windy Skagway morning. As we drove over to the other cruiseship dock to pick up a few more passengers, Raul introduced himself and gave us little background information. Once enroute with all aboard, Raul gave us the full tour. Not only history, but also a lot of fun info on the daily lives of the guides and those that work for the company. On arrival at the site, we boarded the unimog for our ride up to the camp. That was a fun ride. Up arrival it was exciting to see the dogs so worked up to go for a run! We are very much dog people and that was the main reason for our visit. Ross was the musher and we took off. Volt was a lot of fun to watch. Ross explained the dynamics of the team as we wheeled around. We stopped once for photos. Back at the camp we were allowed to interact with the sled dogs. My wife only got through 10 of the 16 prior to having to leave for the camp dwelling itself. She wished she had more time to Thank each dog personally. Ross gave a very informational talk about the history of the Itidarod and dog mushing in general. We were then free to pet the puppy and the other pups. Great day, Great People. Wish Ross all the best in his quest at dog mushing.

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