Jim & Karen S.

Breath Taking Views

We booked this excursion on our own prior to our cruise which saved us $20 total. However, it took us farther than the cruise line tour. The views were breath taking and nothing that I have ever seen before (remember, I live in the AZ desert 🙂 ). We saw a grizzly with her two cubs munching on berries close to the road on our way to Emerald Lake. Our tour guide (Kevin) was full of interesting facts.

Now the train ride was a different story and one that my husband will never live down. At the first stop (Fraser BC) out of Skagway, my husband got off the train to visit the depots facilities. Being the great train conductor he was, I'm sorry his name slips my mind, he kept the train on time. Sadly, my husband was still in the depot when the engineer received the "lets go" call and down the track we headed, minus one person. They were happy to back up the train and pick up Jim. All this took less then 10 min's. The Conductor was a cheerful gentleman and told Jim he had joined an exclusive club that day. He was happy to have his picture taken with Jim and offered to take pictures of us.

We would recommend this excursion to anyone and will take it again on our next visit to Skagway.

Thank you for making our 30th wedding anniversary trip memorable.

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