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San Francisco
Highlight of our whole cruise

This expedition exceeded all our expectations. We had a perfect sunny day and even the boat ride out to the park was fun and interesting. The guides were great and truly seemed happy to be there. We were lucky in that we were able to canoe RIGHT UP TO THE GLACIER - there were ice climbers on the ice right nearby. We got to stand on it, touch it, etc. and hike all around, do some "silt" facials, etc. The majesty of the glacier was awesome. The guides were funny without being annoying and very knowledgable about the area and wildlife, etc. They also gave us a simple but nice and healthy lunch back at camp and showed us how to forage for wild strawberries near camp. We LOVED LOVED LOVED our day at the glacier!!

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Miami, FL
Must do excursion

This excursion is a great way to experience the Alaskan wilderness up close. The staff is very knowledgable and personable and make the trip very fun. They get you as close to the glacier as possible, which is a must do! Definitely the best excursion I did on my trip!

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Moorpark CA 93021

We had an afternoon chop to the water on the way to Glacier Point, so the boat ride was a bit hard pounding. Once that was over, our guide Nate made the balance of the adventure great fun. My wife and I are 68 & 75 and had no problem keeping up with the younger folks. Highly recommended and well worth the price. The Glacier beautiful.

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New Jersey
Excellent excursion!

Everything was perfect and went smoothly. The entire staff was professional, very knowlegable and lots of fun!
We really loved this tour....5 stars!

Louisville, ky
We were able to touch the Davidson glacier

All the guides were Awesome. Jake had lots of experience and knowledge along with the rest of the staff.

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Excellent tour we took our grandkids 13 and 15 and they had a ball highly recommend it five-star

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Great trip!

What an adventure! Long and crazy boat ride but so worth it! We booked other excursions with other companies and this was by far the best in terms of organization, professionalism, and fun.
Not for the weak or faint of heart, you have to hike, paddle, get bumped around and probably rained on, but that added to the adventure! We learned a lot about the landscape and got up close to the glacier. Super fun and unforgettable!

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Davidson Glacier: up close & personal

The best part of these 6 hours was by far the glacier...although whales, sea lions, and bald eagles also made an appearance. The guides, Alton & Nate were knowledgeable on glaciology and made for a fun Alaskan adventure. Recommended to all!

Steve Steele
South Carolina, Texas & California
Great Time @ Glacier Point

I was able to get my whole family together for an Alaska Cruise in May, 2016. In Skagway we took the Glacier Point Wilderness Safari. While the boat trip to the glacier was a bit longer than expected, we did spot some Orcas on the way. Once there we were very pleased with the trip to the Glacier. Being able to get so close by using the canoes was definitely a highlight of our trip. Overall, very knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and experienced guides made the day even better. I would definitely recommend this excursion to my friends.

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Professionally done. Well looked after. Alas no bears. Very Informative and the guides did extremely well.

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Florida USA
Great overall excursion with wonderful people helping all the way.

Some of the best hours spent during our Norwegian Jewel cruise. Saw whales, fun boat ride, a bit of exercise with the hikes and canoeing along with the glacier walk. Wonderful weather to accomplish so much at one time! Thanks to all.

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Glacier Point Wilderness Safari was the best choice we could have made for our visit to Skagway. What a great time spent with a wonderful and enthusiastic staff that were well informed about the area as well as the Davidson Glacier. The hike to the glacier is just right and the canoe ride to the glacier perfect. They have extra gear to keep your feet dry and even extra jackets if you're a bit cold. The Davidson Glacier is not to be missed. A truly spectacular visit.

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Enfield, CT
Amazing adventure

Arrived in Skagway to drizzle and did not know how this trip would be. All the tour folks were wonderful in getting us to all the places we needed to be. The guide on the boat ride was very informative and we stopped for several scenic moments. Then the bus ride to the next portion went smoothly. We were then given our much appreciated rain gear and boots and headed out for the hike portion to the canoes. We were then given our instructions for the canoe ride and glacier visit. The ride to the glacier in the canoes was amazing; the view of the glacier getting closer every minute was too cool. Being able to walk up to an actual glacier was one of the high points of our cruise! Wished we could have stayed all day just being awed by the glacier and peacefulness of the area. Then back to a well deserved lunch and back to our ship. Wonderful day ! ! !

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South Carolina
Glaicier Tour

This was a fantastic tour. The naturalist and captain of the boat were great and very proud of their area and the tour they were giving. The staff at the Glaicer could not have been better.

We got very close to the Glacier, was able to touch ice that had recently calfed and was able to look into the ice cave on the base of the glacier. The lunch was great and just enough to get us back to Skagway.

The only down area was that the windows on the vessel we were on leaked, both from the rain the night before and during the ride. Seat cushions had absorbed water and when my wife sat on her's, her jeans got soaked. Other than this, the crew were great and we felt very safe, even in the high waves on the sound.

Would highly recommend this tour.

Deb Greenspan and Talmage Watts
Nashville, TN
The bluest glacier ever!

This excursion was terrific! A little catamaran, a tiny hike through a lovely forest and then an 11 man canoe to the bluest glacier I have ever seen. Too boot, there was a lovely black bear posing on the glacier for us. To be so close to nature's beauty was breathtaking. The reflection of the glacier in the beautiful glacial lake was a real bonus. The clouds only added to the beauty. Thank you to our wonderful guides whose commentary added generously to our understanding not only of the glacier but of the development of the surrounding forests. Their humor and concern for our safety was appreciated.

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Philadelphia, PA
Amazing trip

The guides were great, the scenery was amazing, and the glacier was fantastic. Skagway is one of my favorite ports and taking the speed boat through the fjord and getting up close and personal with the waterfalls on the trip back was a great added bonus. They are even more impressive up close vs from the 12th deck of your cruise ship.

At the glacier watching the landscape change from forest to undergrowth to an almost lunar experience all underfoot was truly amazing. The photos here were great!

Note that while I wouldn't label the tour / hike as particularly difficult, if you suffer from back pain or wouldn't be comfortable walking a solid distance on some very rocky ground please take it into consideration (or take some Advil before you go).

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Moore, Oklahoma

We loved this tour. Although the path was clear and beautiful, our 80 year old sister had a hard time trekking up and down the hills through the wilderness to the canoe pick-up point. She also could not walk across the rocky shore from the canoes to the glacier. At 63 years, we made it just fine. The weather was beautiful and our guide was informative and fun. We did not spot any wildlife. We would do it again.

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Orlando fl
Glacier Point Wilderness Safari

Overall it was a great adventure. The enthusiasm of all the guides was contagious, especially Sam. I would definitely recommend this excursion to everyone.. Davidson Glacier was intimate and breathtaking. The hour boat ride over was thrilling. The driver would stop to view the rushing waterfalls and wildlife. Great adventure!!!! Cheers to all involved with this excursion!

Mary & Wes

Even though it was raining all day, we had an awesome time. The ice cave and getting up close and personal with a glacier was the highlight of our Alaska vacation!

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Donaldson Glacier

Our trip to this glacier was the highlight of our cruise. The guides were very knowledgeable and interesting. The glacier was amazing! I would highly recommend this excursion, as it will certainly not disappoint. We loved every minute of it!

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Unique Experience of the Skagway Glacier

This is a great adventure that combines multiple means of travel and gorgeous Alaskan scenery. Being so close to a glacier is a pretty humbling experience. The guide was very well informed and shared a lot of information with the group. It was organized well and was a fun time for all in our party.

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Glacier point wilderness safari

This was, by far, the coolest of all the Alaskan excursions. You take a boat to glacier point. Then you ride on a bus thru a forest. Then you hike down thru the forest to canoes. You paddle for about a mile. Then you walk for about 1/2 mile to Davidson Glacier. You actually get to TOUCH A GLACIER!
The guides are informative, patient, funny and just love their jobs.
I cannot recommend this tour highly enough.

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North Carolina, USA
Great trip to the glacier!

A well-organized trip to some of Alaska's finest scenery. The boat was comfortable and the guide was entertaining. The guides at Glacier Point, who took care of us on land, in the canoes and at the glacier were very knowledgeable and did an excellent job keeping the group organized and safe. We were fortunate to have really nice, clear weather and a very positive experience getting to the glacier, at the glacier and back. I would recommend this tour for anyone interested in the natural beauty of Alaska.

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Wilsonville, OR
Unbelievable beauty

Incredible, amazing view of Davidson Glacier that will remain in your memory forever. A once in a life time experience to be up close, feel so small and insignificant as you observe the glacier, and the rushing river coming from it forming the glacial lake.
The guides were knowledgeable, kind, humorous and helpful.
This experience is NOT one you should overlook if you can possible help it. If you think you can physically do this, then by all means, try it, it is spectacular.
The reason I did not give 5 stars, is that it was not obvious the actual chain of events to get to the glacier.
You will ride a boat for an hour, ride a school bus for a short time, hike in the woods, get your rain gear, then ride in a canoe, then walk over rocks for another mile to the glacier and then reverse all of those steps to get back to the dock. There is one outhouse available midpoint in the tour. If you have knee issues, or mobility challenges, this may be too much.

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Overall good, long boat ride a negative. Hike, canoe & glacier very good.

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sicklerville new jersey

best part of my 10 days in Alaska. I would recomend that anyone coming to Skagway, take this tour.

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WOW! What an experience

Our group of twelve had a wonderful time. The whole trip was fun and exciting from start to finish. Everyone of the guides was friendly and knowledgeable. We would highly recommend this tour.

Mike and Krisw
Amazing Glacier Tour!!

We lucked out with beautiful weather for our adventure!! We went on a boat to start our tour with captain, Jim, and guide, Megan. Megan filled us in on lots of interesting facts as we travelled about an hour to get to the beginning of our glacier trip. On the way we stopped to see beautiful waterfalls and lots of eagles. We arrived at a beautiful field and walked a short distance to get on a bus to go to the camp to be fitted with life preservers and water boots for our boat ride to the glacier. Our guide at this point was Joe and he was very knowledgeable on the glacier and wildlife around us. After we had to paddle a very short time, the motor was started and we had a beautiful ride to the glacier. We were very lucky to actually walk up to the glacier. Incredible views of the glacier up close!!!! We got to spend a good amount of time viewing and taking pictures of the glacier before heading back. Once back we headed to the field and had a simple lunch, picked wild strawberries and got on the boat for out ride back to Skagway. On the way back, we stopped to see the Stellar Sea Lions up close as they were lying on the rocks by the water.

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New York
Glacier Point Wilderness Safari

The glacier wilderness Safari is the trip I've been raving about. It was truly a day to remember and walking on the glacier is an experience we are not likely to encounter again. Great guides, great fun, great day!

Cheryl Guizzotti
Magnificent Memories

After thoroughly enjoying a boat ride to the camp area, we hiked along an interesting path, then paddled a canoe to the glacier. It was so peaceful and calming...the colors were spectacular! As an added bonus, we saw whales, orcas, a mink and seals. The greatest of my bucket list.

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Superb excursion to the Davidson glacier!

Wonderful experience for the whole family. Magical experience, majestic scenery. Guides were fantastic, very knowledgeable and yet fun. I very highly recommend to any travelers who want to get a real sense of the majesty of Alaska!

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Great Scenery; Great Guide; Great Fun

Unbelievable scenery. Very well organized operation.

Would have liked to had more time viewing wildlife on the way to/from the property. The boat trip felt a little rushed.

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San Jose, CA
Wonderful day outdoors

We loved the Glacier Point Wilderness Safari. All guides were excellent. They were knowledgeable, funny and very laid back, yet clearly passionate about their love of the area. I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to get away from the ubiquitous T-shirt shops and jewelry stores of the Alaskan ports of call. This trip gives you a great taste of wildlife viewing, possible whale sightings, short hike, canoeing and walking out near a glacier as well as a picnic lunch in a pretty meadow (we had perfect weather). Our guide even picked a couple of wild strawberries for us.

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New Jersey
Point Wilderness Safari

Whole day was organized so well. All the guides were interesting and helpful. The boat out and back was gorgeous. The canoe to the Glacier was fun and the scenery was terrific. It was a wonderful day!

Darrel and Jennifer James
Modesto, Ca

Our naturalist, Sky, was very informative and provided interesting historical and geographical details during the boat ride out to the glacier and back to the harbor. Our guide on the canoe ride out to the glacier (Speed Bump) was hilarious. We especially enjoyed watching him get attacked by arctic terns. If you want a true Alaskan experience (water, land, and ice), take this tour!

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Washington, D.C.
Great experience

We had a wonderful time on this excursion. We saw beautiful landscape and scenery and the staff clearly enjoyed what they were doing and each other. We'd highly recommend this to anyone visiting Skagway.

Darren Taylor
Ft Lauderdale Florida
Fantastic experience, great guides, very enjotable day

This tour gives you a bit of everything, a great experience ad great people, our guide on the boat was Megan, get into her group of you can, our captain was Ray and he gave us a ride of our lives across on a rocky day. The canoe ride was my favorite part and the glacier itself. You will not be disappointed with this tour. Thank you all again for an experience we will never forget.
Darren & Alex

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Great trip

Great trip from start to finish,guides were so nice and knowlegable..this day flew by we just had such a great time..100% satisfied!

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glacier point wilderness experience

a great experience.
so nice to be right up close to nature.
Excellent, proficient and knowledgeable guides.
Would recommend this tour.

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Atlanta, GA
Great excursion.

Very well organized tour, I booked on the web, no issues. I think we were the first cruise ship of the season, so very little crowds. Met the tour guide at the designated point, got lucky and got close and personal with a whale during our trip out(it was awesome). Guides very helpful and full of knowledge, this is an active tour the guides keep you moving, Loved it. Everyone associated with the tour was extremely accommodating.

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Naples FL
Great Safari!!!

Beautiful scenery, excursion should not be missed. The young guides where a delight, very knowledgable about the area and very enthusiastic about their job. Enjoyed it tremendously.

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Amazing guides

Our guides made this trip very memorable. Of course the glacier was beyond words, but the fun, interesting, guides taught us much about the area, wildlife, glacier etc.

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Phoenix AZ
Fantastic adventure

We had a great time on this excursion. Great staff, beautiful day for us (sunny and actually warm) and had fun at the glacier. The canoe ride was fun too.

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Naples FL. Radiance of the Seas

I thought the whole day was fabulous! The boat ride from the Radiance, the canoe to the glacier and the wonderful staff that took care of us. All of the guides were very knowledgeable about everything!!

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Very good experience but we were expecting see wild life during the tour but we did'n

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Princess Cruise
Can you say "AMAZING"?

This had to be one of the most outstanding, exceptional excursions my wife and I have ever been on. The only walk on a glacier experience that doesn't cost like a helicopter excursion. Well run, very organized, safe, and exhilarating.

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Great Experience

My mom and I had a fabulous glacier experience. We were greeted by friendly dock staff and transferred to a boat for a one hour ride to Glacier Point, along the way learning about the Lynn Canal, Haines, and wildlife. We had a great rustic experience getting out to the glacier including a short school bus ride, a brief hike, and a motor assisted paddle to see the glacier up close. We had time to hike a bit to see the glacier cave and alone the way got great commentary from our guides. Great way to spend the day away from touristy shops!!

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Southern California
Glacier point wilderness safari

The tour was absolutely amazing! The boat ride naturalist, Bri, was incredibly friendly and informative. The captain was too. Once on glacier point we were met by more guides who outfitted us completely to be dry and warm and safe. (Didn't need the waterproof boots and pants and coats that we bought specially for this trip..they were all provided!). Our canoe guide Nate was amazing and so very knowledgeable! After paddling up a glacial river we hiked up the base of Davidson glacier...absolutely unbelievable! After hiking and canoeing back we were served a nice lunch in a beautiful meadow before the boat ride back to our ship. Would take this trip again in a heartbeat! Worth every penny!

Bob and Debbie Walker
Thousand Oaks, CA
Just standing on an iceberg in front of a glacier!

This shore excursion was the highlight of our cruise! From the naturalist that hosted our boat ride to glacier point to our canoe guide Nate, we had the most amazing time! The scenery was unbelievable and the entire experience was just an opportunity if a lifetime! They outfitted us so well that we didn't need to buy our waterproof clothes and hiking boots...if only we had known! Do not miss this trip! Worth every penny!

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Ice Cool

An educational & fun day out. Well organised by knowledgable, affable, guides who are obviously committed to their chosen vocation.
A combination of different experiences. Highlights included the wilderness walk & canoeing to the base of the Glacier where we could fully appreciate it's magnificence in such a tranquil environment.

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San Francisco
An experience of a lifetime

A glacier walk and the view of the glacier cave were the highlights of our week's Alaska vacation. Highest marks to Bri for the guided boat trip and to Sam for the canoe ride, glacier walk, and the cave opportunity. Both are professionals and helped make this an unforgettable experience. Nobody who took the train related any where near the meaningful adventure we had. Recommended by us as a MUST DO! Take the train on your next trip--or never according to one of our travel neighbors.

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New York
A great find in Skagway

When I saw this tour online, I chose to forego the Disney excursion and do this one. I understood that I was taking a bit of a risk. Well, that risked paid off big time! This is a delightful, professional, fun excursion without the hassle of a big group getting off the ship at one time. I highly, highly recommend it!

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San Diego, California
Glacier Point Wilderness Safari is the way to see Skagway!

We loved every moment of our time in Skagway. At first I thought, why am I dragging myself out of bed first thing in the morning, on vacation, no less? And what could they possibly have us doing for 6.5 hours? But right away I realized how much fun this excursion was going to be. I learned so much about the state, the region, the culture, the geography - all thanks to our brilliant tour guides. It was just the right amount of adventure and relaxation to take it all in. The next morning my significant other looked at me and said he'd pay to do it all again the very next day. I would too.

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Charlotte, NC

This was our favorite excursion while on our cruise to Alaska! It was such beautiful scenery, enjoyed the canoeing & of course the Davidson Glacier! Will never forget the experience of being able to walk on a Glacier!

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San Diego, Ca
Glacier Point Wilderness Safari

We had a fantastic time. The boat ride up from Skagway was fast and scenic. We stopped a few times to see some up close seals and a few eagles along the way. The bus ride through the old growth forest was almost as cool as walking on the glacier. There is a short hike to the canoes and you have to work a little bit paddling, until they fire up the motor for the second half of the ride. The scenery is unbelievable and the guides have so much information for you. Nothing beats walking on an actual glacier!
I would recommend warm socks. The rubber boots that are supplied are not that warm, the glacier water you walk through is very cold. Bring some water for the canoe trip portion, you get thirsty and warm paddling. If possible book and early expedition, We had the 1:30 start time and with the sun behind the glacier it made it hard to take good pictures. We would definitely do this again 🙂

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Schomberg, Ontario, Canada
Glacier Point Safari

Loved it.

Bill Asselstine
Toronto, ON
Well organized and enjoyable trip. We were blessed with a beautifull blue sky which enhanced the day. Stopping by the sea lions and waterfalls was a nice extra. Enjoyed the glacier thorourly.
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Chatham On. Canada
Glacier Point Wilderness Safari

We were a party of 9 off the Cruise ship and were looking for some adventure and because we were of all ages this was a great trip. A little of this and a little of that. What a wonderful spot for photos as we headed to the glacier, so grandeur. Our guide was very informative and answered our questions and then some. We were lucky we got to walk on the glacier as earlier the run off was still too strong and deep. On the way back, we stopped to watch the seal lions. What a great way to end a great trip!

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Awesome tour

All 7 of us, ranging from 10 years old to 85 years old, thoroughly enjoyed our experience on the Davidson Glacier. Lee, our guide, was most knowledgeable and friendly, and we all rated this our best excursion of our trip. Thanks to all. These guys know how to treat people.

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Midrand South Africa
Davidson Glacier excursion

This was a good trip but not in my opinion the best we went on. 1. The Catamaran was fast and comfortable and our guide was very helpful and knowledgeable. 2. The canoe trip from the island to the glacier was enjoyable. 3. The walk around the moraine below the glacier was unguided and I didn't feel the guide we had at the point (different to the one on the boat) was making an effort to make this a very special experience. 4. The view of the Davidson glacier was ok not really amazing to be honest.

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